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GM 1234yf A/C RRR Machine, ESSENTIAL
Item Number: ROBGE50300A
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This machine is designed to recover and recycle R-1234yf refrigerant, evacuate air after the system has been open and recharge refrigerant. It is certified SAE J2843 for HFO-1234yf Recovery/Recycling/Recharging Equipment.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that separate oil injectors be used for the injection of PAG Oil and POE Oil to help prevent system cross-contamination. Each type of oil injector includes low side manual quick coupler to connect to the vehicles A/C system. Use the appropriate Robinair syringe-type injector to add PAG or POE type lubricant oil to a fully pressurized A/C system. Just fill the barrel with the amount of oil needed, connect the injector, and press the plunger. R-1234yf systems require special oils. Refer to the A/C system manufacture's service manual for oil specifications.


  • Produces a GM warranty code and is the only approved R-1234yf A/C machine for GM warranty service.
  • One machine to safely service both conventional and high-voltage electric compressor A/C systems.
  • System flush, diagnostic pressures and retention of service data by vehicle VIN for recall and printout.
  • Single-pass system (i.e. refrigerant flows through a filter once) that meets SAE J2099 specifications for recycled refrigerant.
  • The machine also meets oil cross-contamination requirements for high-voltage system charge.
  • Follow recommended service procedures for the containment of R-1234yf.
  • Includes internal Wi-Fi hardware for activation with optional purchase of future software update.


Two years

Product Specification

Dimensions36 x 24 x 48.5
Weight230 lbs.
Compressor1/3 HP
Tank Capacity20.04 lbs. (9.09 kg)
Fluid Capacity150 kg
Oil Drain Bottle.355 ml
Operating Temperature50°F - 122°F (10°C - 50°C)
Pump Free-air Displacement1.5 CFM (35 l/m)
Service Hoses250 CM/SAE J2888
Power Consumption (kW)1100 VA
Power SupplyNominal Voltage 103-127 volts, 60 Hz