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EVO3 Holding and Fixturing Kit
Item Number: CR35719
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EVO System is a universal anchoring, holding and fixturing system that contains a minimum number of components. EVO is available in three packages and is adaptable. It can be assembled in a variety of configurations to address your repair needs. These three universal packages will work for every vehicle year, make and model. Never have to pay fixture rental costs again.  


  • EVO3 is made for building a fixture to hold new replacement body parts in the correct position when welding, bonding or riveting.
  • The EVO System is integrated with Car-O-Liner's data and software to support the complete vehicle repair process.
  • The combination of an EVO System and Car-O-Tronic Vision2 software replaces the need to rent or buy a set of specific fixtures for each vehicle repaired.  
  • EVO3 when combined with EVO 1 & 2 and supported by the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 electronic measuring system, the equipment works on all vehicle models on the market. 
  • EVO3 includes: adjustable fixture heads, lockable universal joints, lock handle, all-purpose mini-clamp for frame rails, inner fenders and stut towers.


Two (2) years

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