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Aluminum Workstation with CR200 Welder
Item Number: CR48422
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A comprehensive portable aluminum workstation containing all the tools necessary for aluminum dent repair. The workstation comes with our versatile CR200 short cycle welder. It's advanced technology attaches pullers without damaging heat sensitive materials. The welder works with keys, pins and studs on both aluminum and steel. The self-contained workstation provides easy access to the tools allowing for increased productivity and efficiency. The large storage space will help to eliminate lost tools and the potential risk of cross-contamination.


  • Aluminum Spotter 220V single phase
  • Carbon Fiber pull bar that are three times stronger than aluminum plus ultra lightweight
  • Hand Puller, medium fulcrum┬ápuller and small dent puller
  • Heat Gun
  • (4) Professional Grade Aluminum Hammers
  • Digital pyrometer
  • Cart with two storage shelves and tool board for easy tool orgnaization


Lifetime warranty on carbon fiber pull bars. 24 month warranty on all other items.

Product Specification

Weight210 lbs.
Dimensions38"W x 62"H x 21"D

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