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CTR9 208V Fully Automatic Spot Welder with 80mm Arm
Item Number: CAR49154


This welder is to be utilized with software ID WPB: 2.7.6 / MMI: 3.6.2 / GCB: 1.1.0 when repairing GM vehicles.


The CTR9 fully automatic welder comes with a new, revolutionized light-weight transformer gun. With its 355° swivel handle and ergo-grip, it enables perfect working positions for anyone, for any job. The gun is supported by a telescopic arm in a durable and lightweight extruded aluminum that can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally. A compact power unit with a low center of gravity gives mobility and stability, a 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication ensure a perfect weld every time.


  • Telescopic support arm is designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement
  • Lightweight transformer gun made of reinforced fiberglass is designed for fast-paced activity, while at the same time reducing the strain on your body
  • Ergo-grip fully-closed handle fastened at both ends enhances maneuverability and allows you to hold the gun in a relaxed way in every working position
  • Automatically establishes required settings to ensure the proper weld nugget
  • Advanced quality control system that monitors and adjusts the welder to guarantee the total energy input
  • Using the USB port you can easily upgrade your equipment
  • Storage tray allows you to keep all the tools and accessories you need at hand


  • CAR49318 C-Yoke 80mm Arm


24 months

Product Specification

Max. Voltage3 x 208V -5% +10%, 50 Hz- 60Hz
Power supply fuse60A slow blow or circuit breaker Type K
Protection typeIP21
Insulation classF
Cooling typeLiquid cooled
Compressed air supply, P1min- P1max5.0-10 bar (72-145 psi)
Duty factor, x10%
Maximum short circuit input current, ILCC317A
Permanent power (100% duty factor), SP116 kVA
Permanent input current, ILP324 A
Maximum short circuit output current, 12CC16.0 kA
Permanent output current (100% duty factor), I2P14.1 kA
No-load voltage, U2D12.0 V
Cooling power1000W
Tank capacity20 l (5.3 gal)
Rated cooling liquid flow, Q3 l/min (0.79 gal/min)
Cooling liquid pressure drop1.79 bar (26.0 psi)
Electrode force, FMIN - FMAX350-640 daN (787-1439 ibf)
Weight254 lbs.
Cable Length6 m (19.7 ft)
Dimensions45" x 26" x 37"

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