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GYSPOT Inverter BP.LCX-s7 220V
Item Number: PES020948
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This welder is to be utilized with software ID Operating Software: 04.01.09 SD Version: 7.02 when repairing GM vehicles.


The Gyspot Inverter BP.LCX-S7 is a real advance in the field of spot-welding equipment. This machine is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high strength steels (UHSS/boron steel), with 550 daN electrode arms force at 8 bars and 13,000 Amps welding current. the GYSPOT BP.LCX-S7 is equipped with two clamps (x and c). It is a multi-functional  welder, thanks to its water cooling system on both clamps. 


  • Lightweight and easy to handle X and C clamps for all types of metal works
  • Single-sided gun with 3 meter cable: spot hammer welding, stud/rivet/ring welding, carbon shrinking
  • 7 modes available to answer the requirements of both end users and car manufacturers
  • Large display (6") with intuitive menus
  • Saving of user welding parameters
  • Accessories box
  • Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
  • Remote control on the clamp
  • Welding current:
    • High welding current 13,000 A
    • Digital display of the actual current value
    • Sound alert if the welding current is too low
    • Constant current control
  • Electrode force:
    • Electrode force control
    • Digital display of the actual electrode arms force
    • Liquid-cooled arms up to the tips
    • Sound alert if the actual clamp force is too low


  • PES021402 Isolated C1 Arm
  • PES050501 X1 Arm Set


  • PES019133 C2 Arm
  • PES021419 Isolated C3 Arm
  • PES021426 Isolated C4 Arm
  • PES019294 C5 Arm
  • PES019775 C6 Arm
  • PES021433 Isolated C7 Arm
  • PES021440 Isolated C8 Arm
  • PES020078 Isolated C9 Arm
  • PES051638 C10 C to X Arm (low pressure)
  • PES053649 C11 C to X Arm (high pressure)
  • PES022997 Isolated C12 Arm
  • PES023543 Isolated C14 Arm
  • PES051010 Single Side Welding Kit
  • PES050518 X2 Arm Set
  • PES050532 X4 Arm Set
  • PES020702 X4A Arm
  • PES020719 X4B Arm
  • PES020726 X4C Arm
  • PES050549 X5 Arm Set
  • PES050587 X6 Arm Set
  • PES051737 BP-LCX Gyro 360
  • PES051720 PTI Gyro 360
  • PES048966 Cap Dressor
  • PES050846 Cap Wrench
  • PES048935 Box of 40 "A" Caps
  • PES050068 Box of Assorted Caps
  • PES055506 Bag of 6 "B"Caps
  • PES050853 Spot Welder Cover
  • PES052246 Coolant
  • PES050440 Contact Grease


One year

Product Specification

C clamp electrode force550 daN at 8 bars
X clamp electrode force550 daN with arms 120 mm at 8 bars
Dimensions48" x 48" x 62"
Dimensions48" x 48" x 62"
Weight550 lbs