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GYSPOT Inverter Evolution PTI-s7 220V
Item Number: PES022195
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This welder is to be utilized with software ID Operating Software: 13.00.01 SD Version: 7.02 when repairing GM vehicles.


The GYSPOT PTI Evolution is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high strength steels (UHSS/boron), with a clamping force of 550 daN with 8 bars air pressure, and a welding current that can reach 14,500 Amps. Its C clamp integrates a high-tech transformer and the machine also brings a solution to limited power supply issues, as it can operate with 32 Amps to 40 Amps fuses only. Its operation is extremely easy thanks to the automatic welding parameters setting in AUTO mode.


  • Liquid cooled medium frequency transformer integrated in the clamp
  • Lower electricity consumption (40% less than cable machine)
  • Operating with only 32 amps delayed fuses power supply
  • High duty factor
  • Lightweight and easy to handle C clamp for all types of metal works
  • 7 modes available to answer the requirements of all end users
  • Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
  • Remote control on the clamp
  • Welding current:
    • High welding current 14,500 A (230 V)
    • Sound alert if the welding current is too low
    • Constant current control
    • GLUE mode: for welding sheets with glue or other coatings
  • Electrode force:
    • Electrode force control
    • Digital display of the actual electrode arms force
    • Liquid-cooled arms up to the tips


  • PES021402 Isolated C1 Arm


  • PES019133 C2 Arm
  • PES021419 Isolated C3 Arm
  • PES021426 Isolated C4 Arm
  • PES019294 C5 Arm
  • PES019775 C6 Arm
  • PES021433 Isolated C7 Arm
  • PES021440 Isolated C8 Arm
  • PES020078 Isolated C9 Arm
  • PES051638 C10 C to X Arm (low pressure)
  • PES053649 C11 C to X Arm (high pressure)
  • PES022997 Isolated C12 Arm
  • PES023543 Isolated C14 Arm
  • PES051010 Single Side Welding Kit
  • PES051737 BP-LCX Gyro 360
  • PES051720 PTI Gyro 360
  • PES048966 Cap Dressor
  • PES050846 Cap Wrench
  • PES048935 Box of 40 "A" Caps
  • PES050068 Box of Assorted Caps
  • PES055506 Bag of 6 "B"Caps
  • PES050853 Spot Welder Cover
  • PES052246 Coolant
  • PES050440 Contact Grease


One year

Product Specification

Electrode force550 daN at 8 bars
Dimensions36" x 32" x 62"
Weight450 lbs