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GYSPOT Inverter BP.LG 220V
Item Number: PES023550
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This welder is to be utilized with software ID Operating Software:06.01.08 SD Version: 7.02 when repairing GM vehicles.


Designed for the assembly of mild steel sheets with high elasticity. The GYSPOT Inverter BP.LG is the ideal Spot Welder to meet car manufacturers requirements (550 daN / 13 000 A with 240 V supply). Easy to handle and reduced weight (6 kg), the new GENIUS clamp allows an automatic retraction of the electrodes in order for quick access of the welding area. The auto-mode allows welding without the operative entering any parameters into the machine.


  • 80 mm of automatic opening capacity (20 mm at rest)
  • Easy rotation of the arm in order to access hard to reach areas (200 mm of release)
  • Clamp support and brass sole-arms for an optimal electrical contact
  • Modular concept of contacts in order to facilitate maintenance 
  • Quick arm removal without use of tools thanks to double action feature
  • Automatic cooling connection
  • Remote controlled clamp (opening, welding, adjustments validation)
  • Lockable Gyrosocope, ball bearing, integrated into the clamp body
  • Handle, lever and reversible clamp support (right or left)
  • Clear labeling ensures quick identification of each arm (G1, G2, etc)
  • Multi-function gun : single-point, swaging , studs, bolts, washers
  • 7 modes available : Normal, Manual, Multi, Gysteel, Auto, Manufacturer and Energy
  • Recording Feature saves the characteristics of each welding spot performed to the SD card provided
  • Watercooled power cables, electrodes and caps
  • User friendly navigation using a 5.7’’ LCD screen
  • Automatic adjustment of pressure between electrodes
  • Spot count feature to determine the caps lifetime
  • Special welding of bonded sheet metals or hard to weld coatings
  • Protected against overvoltage and overcurrent
  • Sound signal for pressure drop or low current
  • BODYPROTECT Technology to protect the user of magnetic fields (conforms to standard 2013/35/UE)
  • Support cable bracket with telescopic arm


  • PES022768 Isolated G1 Arm


  • PES022775 Isolated G2 Arm
  • PES022782 Isolated G3 Arm
  • PES022799 Isolated G4 Arm
  • PES022805 Isolated G5 Arm
  • PES022812 Isolated G6 Arm
  • PES022829 Isolated G7 C to X Arm
  • PES022836 Isolated G8 Arm
  • PES059696 Tool Balancer
  • PES050853 Spot Welder Cover
  • PES052246 Coolant
  • PES050440 Contact Grease


One year

Product Specification

Electrode force550 daN at 8 bars
Dimensions48" x 42" x 62"
Weight550 lbs