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SLW212-TA 12K SMARTLIFT Wide Inground Lift, Truck Adapters
Item Number: ROTSLW212IN0T0



Rotary's SMARTLIFT WIDE inground lift design is perfect for servicing all vehicle types including electric cars and trucks. The obstruction-free, wide design provides greater under car access and reduces the risk of contact between the lift and vehicle parts. 

NOTE:  To lift electric vehicles (EVs), optional round rubber adapters, ROTT100272, must be used.


  • Lifting Versatility with Next-Level Service
    • BEV battery removal - wide plungers open the access for removal of underbody covers and electric vehicle batteries.
    • Remove truck bodies off frames
  • Space-saving footprint creates greater vehicle access while working around the lift.
  • One Touch Controls, compact and ideal for mounting in work benches.
    • Includes Liquid Detection System (LDS).
  • Environmentally responsible
    • Self-contained mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components
  • Proven SMARTLIFT Technology
    • Rod seal cylinders that do not exchange air with containment
    • All hydraulic and air components serviceable without plunger removal
    • Polymer molded containment won't degrade
  • Patented Trio Arms®
    • Low profile arms improve clearance and reduce risk of vehicle damage.
    • Two-piece multiple adjustment arm design equals faster spotting speed with greater reach, interchangeable with adapter options (FA, RA, TA).
    • Allows for Quick positioning of the adapter to the vehicle pickup points without moving heavy arms
    • Integrated adjustment easily slides the adapter to the vehicle contact location saving technicians additional set-up time
  • Available in red, blue, or black - must specify color at time of order.


  • Patented TRIO arms
  • Multi-position wheel spotting dish
  • TA truck adapters


ROTT100272 Round Rubber Adapters - Must be used when lifting EV's


One year labor, two years parts when installed by Rotary authorized installer. 

Product Specification

Lifting Capacity12,000 lbs.
Minimum Arm Reach21-7/16"
Maximum Arm Reach 47"
Rise / 71" Cylinder Stroke75-9/16" - 76-3/4"
Width Overall 119-5/8"
Drive-Thru Clearance88-1/16"
Minimum Adapter Height4-7/8"
Ceiling Height MinimumEquals rise with tallest adapter extensions plus height of the vehicle
Electrical Usage Ø.01kWh per cycle
Guide Plunger Diameter8-1/2"
Time of Full Rise / Decent53 Seconds / 24 Seconds
Minimum Bay Size11' x 24' (3353 X 7315 mm)