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CMI273 Pulse Twin Welder
Item Number: CR79100267
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The CMI273 pulse welders are designed to meet the increasing demands for joining the new materials used in the vehicles of today. Whether doing simple MIG/MAG or more complex welding operations, the synergic preset programs and automated functions handle the entire welding process with ease. The easy-to-use controls and the fully digital panel provide all key information at a glance. With two torches, the CMI273 Twin offers easy switch-over between welding and brazing operations without having to change hoses, wires, wire drive rolls, or gas.


  • Optimal strength in every weld
    • The CMI273 range with auto-pulse technology is state-of-the-art and professional welding equipment for joining aluminum and high-tensile steel. The pulse function, increasingly required by car makers, minimizes weld spatter and preserves the material strength of heat sensitive metals.
  • Exceptional 4-Wheel Wire Feed
    • System provides a smooth, reliable wire feed even on softer wires such as aluminum or for MIG brazing
  • Boost for all Main Voltages
    • Equipped with an electronic Boost Converter for welding and brazing on single or three-phase mains voltages
  • MIG-A Twist Tech
    • This unique swivel device allows you to access hard to reach places. Save time by conveniently adjusting the welder using the remote control on the torch and add efficiency to your welding operation
  • Protects heat sensitive materials with Auto-Pulse technology
  • Saves time with synergic pre-set welding programs
  • Convenient - adjust the weld setting right from the torch
  • Compact, lightweight design makes it user friendly, flexible, and mobile
  • Energy saving standby function gives less CO2 emission and long component lift
  • Approved for MIG Brazing


  • CR80196241 Replacement MIG Torch ML240 Twist R 4m 0.8mm FE
  • CR80196248 Replacement MIG Torch ML240 Twist R 4m 1.2mm Teflon-FE 


Two (2) years

Product Specification

Weight121 lbs. (55 kg)
Main Power Cable Length26 ft. (8 m)
Dimensions38"L x 22"W x 34"H (96 x 57 x 87 cm)
Input Voltage +/÷ 15%230V (200-440) Single or Three Phase
Welding Torch Cable Length13 ft. (4 m)