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Champ 2929 Ride-on Automatic Scrubber
Item Number: NSS7602950
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The new Champ 2929 from NSS® is the snappy little ride-on with big ride-on power. its 36V electrical system package delivers up to 30 percent more run time than a comparably configured 24V. machine, so the Champ 2929 gives you more of what you expect from a ride-on autoscrubber.


  • Maneuverability
    • Because of its single front-drive wheel, the Champ 2929 is a deft and maneuverable performer. its front wheel turns 90° in both directions -- unlike most of its competitors -- so it needs only 67 inches in which to turn around.
  • Power
    • With its 1 HP drive motor and powerful 36V. power system, the new Champ 2929 has guts enough to power up most loading ramps. And more than enough to outlast many other machines in its class.
  • More Wet Vacuuming Power
    • The Champ 2929 vacuum motor achieves 60-in. of water lift -- 20 percent more wet vacuuming power than most other machines in its class.
  • Less Operating Fatigue
    • Like any ride-on, the Champ 2929 can make your people more productive -- by up to 50 percent, according to some workload studies -- versus walk-behind machines. Your staff will clean longer -- and more thoroughly -- with far less fatigue. And they will look forward to cleaning the floors, instead of putting off the job.
  • Greater Productivity
    • The result of all these superlatives: Greater productivity -- per charge, per day, per week, per year.
    • It adds up to a productivity advantage of at least 9.5 million square feet per year -- an area more than twice the size of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, the largest comercial building in the world -- beyond what a similarity configured 24V . machine will clean over that same year period.


10 years poly parts
3 years limited on other components

Product Specification

ModelChamp 2929
Cleaning Path29-in. (74 cm)
Solution Tank29 gallon (110 l.)
Recovery Tank32 gallon (121 l.)
Brushes(2) 15-in. (38 cm)
Brush RPM200 RPM
Standard Brush Pressure115 lbs.
Heavy Brush Pressure230 lbs.
No. Brush Motors1
Brush Motor HP2 HP
Vac Motor HP0.75 3-stage
Traction Motor HP1 HP
Power Source36V.
(# of batteries) Amp Hour(6) 325 AH or 225 AH
Squeegee38.75-in. (98 cm) curved gum-rubber
Sq. Ft. per Hour (practical)18,519 (1,720 sq. meters) per hour
Sp. Ft. per Charge (practical)74,076 (6,882 sq. meters
Sq, Ft. per Hour (theoretical)40,000 (3,716 sq. meters) per hour
Sq. Ft. per Charge (theoretical)160,000 (14,864 sq. meters
Turning Radius67-in. (170 cm)
Operation/Charge4 hrs.
Sound Level69 dBA
length64-in, (163 cm)
Width33-in. (84 cm)
Height53-in. (135 cm)
Weight (Machine Only)618 lbs. (280 kg)
Weight w/Batteries1278 lbs. (580 kg)