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Service Bays and Detail Bay Lighting
Item Number: LSI-Service
Price:   844-742-8471

Direct from 3rd Party Supplier


LSI has specifically catered to the needs of dealerships for 40 years and is recognized as an automotive lighting leader. Our reputation was initially earned through our wide range of innovative, high-performing interior and exterior lighting fixtures & controls. Our customers enjoy reduced energy costs, less maintenance, an enhanced sense of safety, and better looking vehicles under higher quality light. We’ve also added best-in-class physical graphics & digital signage to our arsenal, for one-stop convenient ways to enhance your marketing & merchandising efforts! This includes the content creation and setup (implementation) of your solution. Beyond the product, LSI is also the ideal choice, providing unparalleled support in program design, management and field support.


Service Bays
  Item Description Size (feet) / Housing
Depth ( Inches)
Lumen (Range) Dimming
AUL Round High Bay - LED equivelant to 400w metal halide 22” diameter
4" square or 3/4" conduit
15489-23923 Yes
LHB Linear High Bay 47.64” x 11.5" 12000-48000 Yes
LHBXD Linear High Bay - High temperature tolerance 47.64” x 11.5" 11661-52617 Yes
IHB19 Slim Industrial LED Series 46.06" x 4.5"
9703-18,590 Yes
CHB  Linear High Bay using edge-lit technology to eliminate glare 2 x 1
3 5/8"
18630-18900 Yes
Detail Bay/Parts
  Item Description Size (feet) / Housing
Depth ( Inches)
Lumen (Range) Dimming
EG3 Heavy-duty, hi-impact reinforced fiberglass housing. Offered with frosted or clear lens, both made from high-impact acrylic and symmetrical distribution  4 foot , 8 foot
4 1/4"
6390-7360 Yes
SDL This fixture features a specially designed frosted extruded lens with micro prisms for maximum source diffusion and soft, even illumination. 2 foot, 4 foot, 8 foot
4 1/8"
1490-14450 Yes
Wall Mounted
  Item Description Size (feet) / Housing
Depth ( Inches)
Lumen (Range) Dimming
XWM The Mirada Wall Sconce uses high performance silicone optics, 8,600+ lumens and is available with integral and wireless controls. 12 3/4" x 19 15/16"
5 5/16"
3410-8610 Yes
cid:image001.png@01D2DDE0.FC9C9A20 MCOWP Mid-power LEDs provide glare-free white light. Delivers 70% of initial lumens at 200,000 hours S: 8" x 9.25"
L: 11.5" x 9.08"
3411-8131 Yes


Five (5) years, One (1) year labor.