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92OSABP701 Spanesi 106 Straightening Bench
Item Number: SAI2OSABP701
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Spanesi 106 Straightening Bench


  • The Power of Universal Jig System - It is the only system in the world that allows upward jig movements and positionable
    crossbars for the jig itself, thanks to a rack and pinion system.
  • Strong and Durable - Spanesi straightening bench is designed to resist the strongest pulling forces; it is made with the strongest and most durable materials to yield peak
    performance for many the years.
  • 360° Pulling Tower - The pulling tower make straightening operations easier thanks to the positioning and the connection with automatic blocking in different points around the bench. The unit comes complete with the structural pulling kit.


  • Bench 5000mm length lift 11000 lbs (1pc)
  • Control Box 208V 60Hz Single Phase  (1pc)
  • 10T Pulling Tower w/HYD, chain (1pc)
  • Universal Superstar Jig Set  w Qty 5 Cross Bars (1pc)
  • Racks kit 5m (1pc)
  • Kit of Qty 2 Ascending Ramps and Qty 10 Positioning Platforms
  • Couple of support trolley for ramps (1pc)
  • Loading trolley (1pc)
  • Reinforcement cross bar set (1pc)
  • Platforms for Optional 6th Cross Bar, Grey
  • Kit of Special Screws for Jig complete with Shelves
  • Crossbar Length 1800 mm With Qty 2 Sliding Supports
  • Device to Fix Touch on the Universal Crossbar Spanesi


SAI10STAL010  Ergal Aluminum Bushings Kit for Universal Jig
SAI90KITIR01  Pulling Kit for Telescopic Arm
SAI90M100T01  Truck Clamps
SAI90RINV01  Pull Down Attachment
SAI265123197  Ramp Extensions


One year

Product Specification

Bench Length196-3/4"
Lifting Height61"
Lifting Capacity11,000 lbs.
Electrical208V / 1HP 30A

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