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GYMKANA 994 Electronic Automotive Key Cutting Machine
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Gymkana 994 is an electronic key cutting machine that permits the user to cut newer high security and double-sided edge cut keys with precision and speed.


  • Super easy to use!
  • Create keys by code, copy or by specific depths
  • Universal self-aligning clamp
    • Insert the key just close to the sight line – Gymkana will find the key!
    • Key self-centers as you tighten clamp
    • Z axis (vertical movement) of cutter/tracer eliminates wasted steps
  • Universal cutter and tracer used for both high security and edge-cut keys
    • No adapters, No tip stops, Nothing to change for the majority of vehicles*
      • *There are a few exceptions due to manufacturer key designs
      • Additional jaws are available if required
  • Complete Automotive Database contained in the rugged console – all vehicle makes
  • Software updates are simple - just choose an option;
    • Ethernet connection which only requires 4 easy screen steps or
    • USB drive using a PC
  • Compact design – what automotive dealers want, saves work counter space
  • Exclusive technology – proprietary LIGER software
    • Faster loading, color touch screen display
    • Step by step intuitive screen prompts
  • User friendly with added safety features – The large work area makes it easy to insert keys. Clamp a double-sided edge cut key, and Gymkana cuts both sides in one step. No need to flip the key. Clear safety shield and cutter tray minimize chip dispersal. The safety shield must be closed to operate the machine for your safety and Gymkana 994 reminds you, if needed. The cutter speed and the axis are adjustable to adapt to the most diverse keys and materials
  • US-based manufacturer tech support team is eager and ready to assist with tech support, repairs or machine questions

Replacement Components

KYLRIC07786B    V037 2mm Standard Cutter
KYLRIC11110B    T08 Standard Tracer
KYLRIC10952B    Calibration Template
KYLRIC05350B    T00 Cutter Calibration Tool
KYLOPZ11114B    Replacement U-Clamp
KYLRIC10741B    GYMKANA 994 Replacement Shield
KYLRIC10876B    GYMKANA 994 Cutter Belt
KYLBI910             GYMKANA Replacement Console


Two years (cutter, tracer and other consumables excluded)

Product Specification

Cutter Speed3000 - 8000 rpm (variable)
Key ReadingElectric Contract
LightingLED Illuminated Cutting Bay
User Interface7" Color Touch Screen. 16:10 resolution 800 x 480 px, VGA
Electronic EquipmentMainboard with iMX6 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB memory, high resolution axes control
Dimensions12" W x 18" D x 12" H
Weight42 lbs.