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Auto 34R Tire Changer, Red, WARRANTY APPROVED
Item Number: HUNTCA34R

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Hunter’s Auto34R Tire Changer matches nearly all assemblies and wheel sizes automatically, reducing the risk of wheel damage through our innovative telescoping chassis design. It takes the most frustrating and tedious part of tire changing – setting those final adjustments right at the wheel – and makes it the quickest and easiest part of tire changing.

The Auto34R was specifically designed for shops lacking large area for equipment. Its compact footprint means fewer moving parts, delivering the same capabilities along with a longer, trouble-free service life.


  • Diameter Control
    • Telescoping chassis brings the wheel into position
    • Electrical actuation is smooth and precise
  • Push-Button Controls
    • Simple, three-button control
    • Easiest operation in it’s class
  • Memory Function
    • One button returns mount head to rim height
    • Saves time and mistakes
  • High Volume Blast Tank
    • High volume blast tank to seat large truck and SUV tires
  • Bead Press Arm
    • Helps mounts and demount difficult tires
    • Center mounted for a tight swing radius for compact footprint
    • Assists with mounting and demounting by pushing the tire into the drop center
  • Patented Leverless Tool Head
    • Positions bead without levers
    • Prevents damage to tire and rim
    • Adds operator safety
  • Bead Breaking Rollers
    • Gently loosens bead from rim
    • No rim contact
    • Indents automatically
  • Wheel Lift Comes Standard
    • Ergonomic, space saving design
    • Easily and safely lift large assemblies
  • Exclusive Wheel Support Plate
    • Handles wide range of wheels
    • Provides extra gripping force
    • Three adjustable work heights
  • Bead Loosening Roller Auto-Indentation
    • Sensor detects when roller is under rim flange and automatically indents bead loosening disc.
  • Powerful Blast Inflation
    • Directs large blast of compressed air exactly where needed to seat the bead
  • Motor & Drive
    • Variable RPM offers perfect speed and control
    • High-powered electric motor delivers over 850 ft.-lbs. of torque
  • Match-mounting
    • The Auto34R’s bead rollers allow spinning of tire on rim, helping match-mount stiffest point on tire to low spot on rim.
    • When used with Hunter’s Road Force Elite® Balancer, the Auto34R quickly and easily helps eliminate vibration problems balancers alone can’t fix.


  • HUNRP6-3784 Paste (RP6-3784)
  • Bead starting tool (221-659-2)
  • Paste brush (RP6-1506)
  • Support plate cover, Qty 2 (RP6-710013421)
  • Two-sided cone (RP6-1157)
  • Mirror (RP6-G1000A86)
  • Quick Clamp (RP6-G1000A138)
  • Pin protector, Qty. 2 (RP6-710090480)
  • Pin extension (RP6-710012940)
  • Air chuck (145-341-2)
  • Traction bar (RP6-710090730)
  • Glasses (179-15-2)
  • Lubrication oil (148-133-2)
  • Toolhead, Qty. 2 (RP6-710014120)


  • HUNRP6G10A87 Flange plate kit (RP6-G1000A87)
    Ideal for plastic-faced wheels or reverse wheels where maximum protection is needed.
  • HUN2023411 19.5-inch wheel adaptor (20-2341-1)
    Adds clamping capability for 19.5 in. wheels with large center holes.


Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

NOTE: Because of continuing technological advancements, specifications, models and options are subject to change without notice.




Product Specification

Mount / Demount ToolSelf-inserting polymer leverless head
Power Requirements208-230V, 6A, 60Hz, 1ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Depth (chassis extended)79" (2015 mm)
Torque867 ft-lbs (1175 Nm)
Rim Diameter Range10-34 in.
Clamping TypeCenter w/ quick clamp and cam plate
Width59" (1494 mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter65 in.
Match Mounting CapableYes
Shipping Weight1172 lbs. (531 kg)
Maximum Wheel Width19 in.
Adjustable Clamping HeightYes
Bead Loosening TypeUpper and lower roller
Air Supply Requirements115-175 p.s.i. (8-12 bar)
Height81" (2067 mm)
DriveVariable up to 14 r.p.m. CW, 7 r.p.m. CCW
Depth (chassis retracted)65" (1651 mm)

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