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NSS Wrangler 2016DB Auto Scrubber
Item Number: NSS2302051
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With its tight turning radius, the Wrangler 2016 tackles smaller jobs with ease. Features: 20" scrub path; scrub head lock-down position for heavy scrub; two speeds forward; one speed reverse;16 gallon solution and 17 gallon recovery tanks; swing squeegee with break-away feature; Linatex squeegee blades (pick up forward and reverse); rotocast polyethylene body; 24-V. battery system, and on-board battery charger.
  • Large tanks -- 16 gallon (61 l.) solution and 17-gallon (64.1) recovery -- keep this mid-sized scrubber on the job longer
  • Battery-powered with wheel drive for easier maneuvering, especially up inclines
  • Swing squeegee with breakaway feature and Linatex blades provides excellent pickup even on turns, both forward and reverse
  • Front-fill and drain of tanks saves time. Both functions can be completed by simply taking the machine to a slop sink, without turning it around


  • On-board battery charger for convenient recharging anywhere an outlet is available


3 year limited
10 year poly parts
1 year batteries
1 year labor/travel

Product Specification

Machine 227 lbs. (103 kg)
Height:39.5 in. (1 m)
Length:55 in. (139.7 cm)
Shipping Weight:508 lbs. (231 kg)
Solution tank:16 gallons (61 1.)
Width:21 in. (53.3 cm)
Recovery tank:17 gallons (64 1.)