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Fan, AirVolution D 780 - 20' (208V-277V)
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Designed for heavy-duty applications, a breakthrough in motor design allows the powerful AirVolution-D 780 fan to generate 75% more wind power. This makes it perfect for extra-large spaces like warehouses, airplane hangars, airports, and stadiums. The fan's durable design also eliminates the gearbox for easy installation, zero maintenance, and operation that's practically inaudible. And to ensure safe and reliable performance, the full line is Wash Down rated for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Airfoil sizes 20 to 24 ft. integrate into any extra large space
  • Airfoils also available in black
  • On-board AirBrain adapts to input voltages, optimizes motor control
  • Integrates into HVAC and other automated building systems via gateway
  • Wash Down Duty rated for outdoor use
  • No gearbox means silent operation, zero maintenance


50,000 Hour Warranty

Product Specification

Motor System Shipping Dimensions29 x 30 x 26 in.
Motor Shipping Weight314 lbs.
Blade Shipping Dimensions120 x 25 x 15 in.
Blade Shipping Weight160 lbs.
Hanging Weight189 lbs.
Motor Type Brushless, Permanent Magnet, Transverse Flux DC
Drive TrainGearless Direct Drive
Equivalent Horsepower Rating2.1 HP
Max Operating Temperature 140°F
Power Source Low Range1-phase or 3-phase (208-277) VAC +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
Fire & SprinklerNFPA Compliant
Wash Down Duty RatingIP66
Number of Airfoils6
Max Displacement Forward250,000 CFM
Max Displacement Reverse187,000 CFM