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Two-Post Lift withTrio Arms and Shockwave
Item Number: ROTSPOA10RTS
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SPOA10-RA-TRIO-SW Rotary Lift has updated its most popular above-ground and in-ground automotive lifts with a  new three-staged lift arm.  With a three-sectioned telescoping design, this new lift arm has increased reach and sweep range, accommodating even more vehicle lift points. The lift arm includes Rotary's rubber pad adapters, which are polymer-coated to protect your customers' vehicles from scratches. An adapter extension kit is also available for SUVs and trucks.

2006 TechShop Top 5 Tools Award


  • Two-hand operation for raising and lowering vehicles
  • Manual, two-hand lock release
  • New three-staged front arms and two-stages rear arms for increased reach
  • Patented double-S shaped column design for maximum strength and maximum bearing-surface contact
  • High-pressure cylinders in both columns for powerful lifting force
  • Polymer rubber pad adapters that are vertically adjustable and have stackable inserts for a precise fit.  No metal-to-metal contact
  • Slider-block bearings of Tivar® 1000 polyethylene are self-lubricating and maintenance free
  • User-friendly arm restraints
  • Power unit designed by Rotary®, specifically for lift applications
  • Patented (US Patent No 5,009,287) column design.  “Double-S” shape, with single-piece construction to maximize strength and bearing surface area
  • High-pressure cylinders in each column provide maximum lifting force
  • Overhead padded switch bar prevents damaging vehicles from being raised too high
  • Asymmetric, 30° rotated columns provides maximum door-opening clearance for passenger cars, provides improved under-dash access
  • ALI and ETL certification
  • Equipped with Shockwave
    • 2X faster rise and decent


  • Power unit (operates on 220-volt, single-phase power)

  • Patented column design
  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Lifting cylinders in each column
  • Overhead cut-off switch
  • Polymer adapters
  • Trio Three-stage arm design


  • ROTN823          Door defender™prevents door dings

  • ROTTPP           Three-phase power motor


One year for parts and labor.  Additional one-year parts warranty if installed by a Rotary-Authorized Installer (RAI)

Product Specification

Reach (Front Arm Minimum)20-1/2" (521 mm)
Reach (Front Arm Maximum)40-3/4"
Reach (Rear Arm Minimum)34-1/2" (876 mm)
Reach (Rear Arm Maximum)58-1/4" (1480 mm)
Maximum Adapter Height5-1/4" (133 mm)
Ceiling Height Required12' (3658 mm)
Min. Bay Size12' x 24' (3658 mm x 7315 mm)
Time of Full Rise25 / 19 Seconds
Drive-Thru Clearance95 1/4" (2416 mm)
Minimum Adapter Height3-5/8" (92 mm)
Motor / Voltage5 HP / 110, single-phase
Overall Width11' 5-3/8" (3489 mm)
Capacity10,000 lbs. (4536 kg)
Rise73-1/8" (1854 mm)
Height Overall (Standard)11' 8-1/2" (3569 mm)
Floor to Overhead Switch11' 2-3/4" (3423 mm)