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V3D-EL Imaging Wheel Alignment System
Item Number: EEWA544AL
Supplier: JOHN BEAN



Utilizing patented imaging technology, the V3D-EL provides accurate, real-time measurements - reducing setup and measurement times while generating serious productivity benefits. Matched with easy-to-use software, the John Bean V3D-EL wheel aligner will have your technicians getting readings in a matter of minutes.


  • Versatile, Accurate Hardware
    • Digital cameras produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data
    • Passive front and rear targets improve durability with no electronics to damage
  • Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator (VODI™)
    • Guides the technician through the measuring process
    • Reduces the amount of time spent walking back and forth from the vehicle to the aligner
  • Help videos
    • View detailed videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks
    • Refers to spare parts or special tools as applicable
  • Universal wheel clamps
    • Handles wheel diameters ranging 13" to 24" (33 cm to 61 cm) standard. Increase clamping diameter to 28" (71 cm) with optional clamp extensions
    • Interchangeable grippers minimize wheel damage
  • EZ-LINK™ Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) reset information
    • EZ-Link™ software alerts the technician of OEM service and maintenance procedures related to Electronic Stability Control and Electric Power Steering systems
    • OEM instructions guide the technician through the process of resetting the steering angle sensors along with other sensors as required EZ-Link™
    • Includes manual as well as electronic resets
  • Live readings
  • Comprehensive alignment specification database
  • EZ-TOE
  • Two or four wheel alignment capability


  • 00055502000    Universal wheel clamps and targets
  • 0000009600      Steering wheel holder
  • EAK0268J52A    Brake pedal depressor
  • EAA0305J48A    Camera Beam Assembly


  • EAK0268J62A   Universal wheel clamp extension kit
  • EAK0268J63A   Alloy quick clamp kit
  • EAK0289J71A   Wheel clamp floor stand
  • EAA0321J19C   Variable-Height Camera Support
  • EAA0321J01A   Fixed-height camera support
  • EAK0289J79A   Electronic tilt camera support
  • EAK0289J06A   Premium Turnplates
  • EAK0277J28A    Paddle Kit for Premium Turnplates
  • EAK0277J39A   4-Post Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J40A   12K Scissor Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J47A   12K Scissor Roll Forward / Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J67A   10K / 14K Scissor Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J45A   Rollback Kit
  • 8-05320A            Frame Angle Gauge
  • EAK0289J36A   Wall / Pit Camera Support (Adjustable 36" - 60", includes convex mirror)
  • EAK0289J63A   Wall / Pit Camera Support (8")
  • EAK0289J64A   Electronic-Tilt Camera System


One (1) year

Product Specification

Tire DiameterUnlimited
Track Width48" - 96" (122 cm - 244 cm)
Wheel Base79" - 180" (201 cm - 457 cm)
Printer Included
Power Requirements120 / 230V 1Ph 50 / 60Hz
Wheel Size 13" - 24" (33 cm - 61 cm)