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Griffon XL Bench Package, 110V , 60Hz, GXL08.5812.1
Item Number: CELGXL858121
Price:   $63,359.32* *

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Griffon XL Bench Package. 110V, 60 Hz

Available Configurations:

CELGXL858121  GXL08.5812.1  Griffon XL 110V, 60Hz
CELGXL858126  GXL08.5812.6  Griffon XL 230V,TRI 50/60Hz
CELGXL858123  GXL08.5812.3  Griffon XL 400V, TRI 50Hz


  • CEL955A9612  955A.9612 Set of 6 Universal Aluminum Crossmembers
  • CELCT6SINGLX CT6SINGLEX 3x 955A908 Single Crossmembers
  • CELMZ450925  MX450.925 Set of 22 Towers, Trolley, and (2) Wedges
  • CELMZ2500000 MZ2500.000 MZ and Set of Universal Pistong
  • CEL9113063 9113.063 Universal Side Gantry
  • CELATS1802 ATS.1802 Mechanical Door Brace
  • CELSC40014 SC.40014 4 Super Hydraulic Kit
  • CEL26465A 2646.5A CT6 Main Fixtures
  • CEL26468A 2646.8A CT6 Side Fixtures


  • CELSVN05151  SVN05.151 Sevenne Pulling Unit
  • CEL9123013 9123.013 Set of 4 Sill Clamps
  • CEL9123920 9123.920 Storage Trolley
  • CEL9123503 9123.503 Pulling Unit Extension
  • CELCAS2000 CAS.2000 Safety Cable
  • CELSN9900 SN.99.00 2 Pulling Straps
  • CELCAT500 CAT.500 Pulling Set
  • CELATD149 ATD.149 Pulling Flange
  • CELATD01149 ATD.01.149 Kit for Flange ATD.149
  • CELATD01801 ATD.01.801 Pulley Block
  • CELCSK15111 CSK.15111 Kit for Multiple Pullings
  • CELROLL100 ROLL.100 Car Dolly