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Dispatch Numerals 9000-9999, 1000/Box
Item Number: DLC70219
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Car repair numbers with detachable key tag and claim check, 2-sided (one red, one green), 1 box of 1000.  Numbers 9000-9999.



  • Made of extra thick stock so they stay on the rear view mirror!
  • Large number hangs below mirror for maximum visibility.
  • Hole accommodates all sizes of rear view mirror stems.
  • This 3-part tag has perforated key tag and claim check.
  • These hang tags make locating and organizing cars much easier, giving you more time to focus on customer service and turning profit.
  • The large printed numbers help make it easy to quickly identify vehicles, and keep track of repair orders.
  • The Green & Red numbers or different series can be used for different service teams.

Subscription Service - If you choose, your orders can be shipped monthly or quarterly automatically to your service department.  The benefits for your dealership include the following:

  • Eliminates the need to place several orders throughout the year
  • Minimizes your needed storage area with scheduled shipments
  • Assures you always have an adequate supply
  • You're billed only once for the product you receive, as you receive it, improving cash flow
  • You may adjust or cancel your scheduled shipments at any time without penalty 

       Contact your Customer Service Representative at 800-368-6787 for details. 


Consumable, no warranty.